CSC has completely remodeled its facilities to better fulfill its new role. The requirements of a stem cell transplant and research center radically differ from those of a surgical center. New spaces include an infusion room where several patients can receive stem cell transplants simultaneously while being monitored by staff and equipment the whole time. They also include a zen-like garden where patients can relax during and after their procedures. The surgical suite was modernized and designed to only perform those procedures needed for certain stem cell transplants. A new laboratory was built to exclusively focus on stem cell preparation.

On the research side of things, CSC has added several classrooms and office space where researchers can prepare and perform studies and analysis. To maintain flexibility in an ever changing landscape, CSC also has expansion space available for whatever research or treatment need arises.

The clinic has wifi throughout and a major effort has been made to ensure that a patient's visit to CSC exceeds all expectations. Our goal is for you to feel welcome and at home.