Our Services

Clinica Santa Clarita (CSC) is focused on improving the quality of life for its patients. By combining new technologies with time proven practices, CSC innovates by offering patients new solutions to ongoing problems.

Our Partnerships

We are very proud of our partnerships with excellent services.

Our Team

Clinica Santa Clarita has joined forces with some of the most renowned and respected physicians in the city. By combining the knowledge of doctors from multiple disciplines, CSC is taking a multitier approach to research and treatments.

About Us

Clinica Santa Clarita has been owned and operated by Grupo Atisa and its affiliates since 2000. Since its inception, Clinica Santa Clarita has dedicated itself to being a leader in both the medical and local communities.

Prior to its recent remodeling, CSC specialized in general surgery. With 16 beds and over 1000 surgeries a year, CSC established itself as a leader in quality and service.

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